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2023 Executive Education Year in Review

2023 Year in Review in Maize & Blue

Reflecting on the accomplishments and shared experiences of 2023, Michigan Ross Executive Education extends sincere thanks for the memorable collaboration and engagement this year.

Dear friends of Michigan Ross and the Ross Executive Education community,

As we all reflect on the past year, it is impossible to ignore the profound impact of global events on our lives, businesses, and communities. It seems all too familiar to once again label 2023’s year of events as unprecedented, but the extraordinary scale of ongoing conflict and global shifts has undeniably tested our collective resilience and redefined our perspectives.

From persistent public health and environmental concerns to unfolding tragedies that have left many facing unimaginable hardships, we find ourselves in a shared human experience that demands shared compassion and understanding. Acknowledging and navigating the difficult realities that shape the world around us is a responsibility that extends beyond the traditional realms of business leadership.

Throughout the year, we witnessed business leaders navigate with ingenuity and moving instances of communities coming together—not only within a global context but also across educational communities here in Michigan. The kindness shown within our own community and beyond underscores the power found in compassion-driven leadership.

We also witnessed the strength of true collaboration, which is something that remains core to our global executive education endeavors. Together with our partners, we have transformed the most pressing business obstacles into opportunities and openly embraced innovation grounded in co-creation.

As we move forward, the executive education team remains committed to supporting the Michigan Ross mission of building a better world through business by reinforcing the importance of adaptability, strategic thinking, and a proactive approach to leadership, coupled with the understanding that empathy is not just a personal virtue but a strategic asset for individuals and organizations alike.

This annual report highlights just some of the critical work we completed in 2023; it is not an exhaustive list. From our expert faculty insights to impactful programs and events, we thank you for your continued trust and support in our shared journey of lifelong learning. We are confident that our commitment to excellence will drive continued success for you and your organization in the face of whatever challenges may arise.

On behalf of the Michigan Ross Executive Education team, I wish you a healthy and successful 2024.



Headshot of Nicholas Hamilton-Archer


Nicholas Hamilton-Archer

Chief Executive Education Officer
University of Michigan - Ross School of Business



2023 Executive Education Year in Review

Executive Education Insights

In collaboration with expert faculty, Ross Executive Education brought together global business leaders to explore dynamic insights across varying topics to strengthen business acumen. These insights provided a strategic edge by delving into emerging trends, disruptive technologies, and forward-thinking business practices.


The leadership landscape underwent a transformative shift in 2023, catapulted by the need for adaptability and empathy in response to ongoing global challenges and events. Never before has the need for visionary and adaptable leadership been more pronounced. The traditional top-down leadership approach gave way to more collaborative and inclusive leadership styles, where leaders at all levels played pivotal roles in steering teams through uncertainties.

Michigan Ross Executive Education recognizes this shift and continues to pioneer programs and insights that advance leadership at every level, equipping individuals with the skills to inspire, influence, and drive positive change across any organization.

HR Leadership

HR leaders have increasingly assumed vital roles in change management in the past few years, fueled by trends brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Integrating advanced technologies, remote work considerations, and a people-centric approach became non-negotiable in 2023. HR leaders continue to play an imperative role in implementing innovative strategies that focus on the needs of the evolving workforce and generate value for all stakeholders.

As the future of work evolves, Michigan Ross Executive Education will continue to partner with industry thought leaders to empower HR executives with research-based insights and to continuously refine the acclaimed Advanced HR Executive Program that has elevated Ross as a leader in HR for the past 35 years.

Management Skills

It became increasingly prevalent in 2023 that management skills are not just for managers anymore—individuals across all levels of an organization found themselves tapping into essential management skills. As the traditional boundaries of hierarchical structures blur, the ability to effectively communicate, lead teams, and navigate change becomes a vital skill for professionals at every career stage.

Michigan Ross Executive Education remains committed to addressing this shift by empowering professionals with the versatile management skills necessary to thrive in today's collaborative and dynamic business environment.


Sustainability became increasingly integral to business practices in 2023 and extended beyond environmental concerns to encompass a comprehensive commitment to social responsibility and corporate governance. These shifts addressed the escalating expectations of stakeholders and emphasized the importance of building responsible business practices, fostering a sustainable approach beyond short-term gains.

In 2023, Michigan Ross Executive Education swiftly responded to meet the needs of business leaders in the evolving sustainability landscape by partnering with the Erb Institute to deliver the latest industry insights and develop two new programs, Building Board Expertise on Sustainability and Sustainable Leadership in the ESG Era.

Digital Transformation

The relentless pace of digital transformation continued to drastically reshape industries and business strategies in 2023. Organizations strived to maintain a competitive edge by accelerating the adoption of advanced technologies such as AI, automation, and data analytics and leveraging digital tools to enhance efficiency and drive innovation. These sweeping changes underscore organizations’ need to proactively upskill their workforce and intensify the emphasis on cybersecurity.

Michigan Ross Executive Education leveraged advanced technologies to enhance both program curriculum and program delivery in 2023, placing the faculty and professionals at the forefront of the digital revolution, and is eager to explore further pathways for digital innovation in 2024 and beyond.

Focused Topics

From DEI and marketing to tips on public speaking and finding joy at work—Michigan Ross Executive Education, in addition to core business topics, offered practical insights into a variety of specialty topics throughout 2023 for a well-rounded approach to executive development.

Exec Ed News & Updates

Supplemental to expert insights, Michigan Ross Executive Education was thrilled to share exciting updates with the community throughout the year on new leadership and distinguished awards received for programs and faculty.



Michigan Ross Executive Education hosted a series of dynamic events in 2023, serving as engaging platforms for thought leadership, networking, and knowledge exchange. These gatherings brought together industry leaders, experts, and executives, fostering a collaborative environment that enriched participants with valuable insights and facilitated meaningful connections.

Evening with Michigan Ross Exec Ed in Dubai, UAE (Mar. 16, 2023)

In Dubai,  Ross Executive Education welcomed local clients, alumni, and friends to the Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City for networking and an informative session delivered by Professor Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks. The event also featured the announcement of the 2023 Executive Education GCC Scholarship winners, Nikita Kandath (Women’s Empowerment Scholarship) and Nityashri Bhatt Shah (Sustainability Scholarship).

Professor Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks speaking to dinner attendees

MERIT Summit & Awards in Barcelona, Spain (May 25-26, 2023)

Team members from Michigan Ross Executive Education joined global HR and L&D leaders in Barcelona for the MERIT Summit & Awards that focused on building fluid workforces and collaborative workplaces. Trisha Fountain, Managing Director, Open Enrollment and Digital Programs at Michigan Ross Executive Education, delivered an informative session that explored the latest technologies leveraged by executive educators to provide global business leaders with immersive educational experiences and real-world action-based solutions.

Trisha Fountain presenting on stage, Exec Ed staff holding Ross flag in Barcelona


Texas Roadshow: Houston, Frisco, and San Antonio, TX (Oct. 16, 18, and 19, 2023)

Michigan Ross Executive Education hit the road in Texas and hosted exciting evenings in three different cities. Local clients, alumni, and friends gathered for dynamic sessions delivered by Professor Mike Barger, Professor Marcus Collins, Professor John Branch, and Professor Ethan Kross. The faculty shared the latest thinking on effective and strategic leadership, creating cultures that generate innovative ideas and ideas around controlling the conscious mind.

Attendees socializing at an event, Professor Mike Barger speaking


MERIT Summit & Awards in Paris, France (Nov. 6-7, 2023)

Faculty and team members from Michigan Ross Executive Education joined global HR and L&D leaders in Paris for the second MERIT Summit & Awards of the year, which largely focused on AI. Professor Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks delivered an informative keynote session: AI as a Partner in Building Platforms of Immensely Human Capabilities. The session explored the psychology of AI’s impact, current barriers to widespread AI adoption, and various use cases for leveraging AI as a partner to enrich immensely human capabilities.

Attendees listening to Professor Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks at a conference

Photo Credit: MERIT Summit

Evening with Michigan Ross Exec Ed in Paris, France (Nov. 7, 2023)

At the Paris Marriott Champs Elysees Hotel, Michigan Ross Executive Education hosted a lively event for local clients, alumni, and friends. Attendees enjoyed an exciting evening of networking, delectable cuisine, and compelling sessions led by Professor Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks and Professor Marcus Collins. The discussions held focused on nurturing change through competent humility while fostering a culture of innovation.

Attendees dining at Paris event and sitting at conference tables


World Business Forum 2023 in New York City, NY (Nov. 15-16, 2023)

As an Academic Partner for the World Business Forum 2023 conference, Michigan Ross Executive Education had the pleasure of delivering a series of impactful engagements. Among these, a select group of conference attendees enjoyed an exclusive luncheon featuring Professor Marcus Collins leading a dynamic classroom-style discussion on the powerful influence of culture. The intimate setting allowed for in-depth exploration and exchange of ideas. Following the lunch, Professor Collins took the stage to deliver a compelling keynote address on the art of leveraging culture to generate effective marketing campaigns.

Professor Marcus Collins speaking on World Business Forum Stage and at private luncheon

Photo Credit: WOBI - World of Business Ideas

Evening with Michigan Ross Exec Ed in New York City, NY (Nov. 15, 2023)

In a true New York City fashion, Michigan Ross Executive Education surprised local clients, alumni, and friends with a guest speaker from the renowned Wu-Tang Clan: Inspectah Deck. The famous rap and hip hop pioneer and Professor Marcus Collins engaged in an intriguing dialogue on culture while participants also enjoyed an evening of dinner and networking at the Sidewalk Studio at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Marcus Collins interviewing Inspectah Deck, attendees enjoying dinner in NYC

Evening with Michigan Ross Exec Ed in Los Angeles, CA (Dec. 19, 2023)

Using the iconic work of famous artist Jean-Michel Basquiat as a backdrop, Michigan Ross Executive Education welcomed local clients, alumni, and friends to immerse themselves in a unique cultural experience at the Grand LA’s King Pleasure exhibit. While enjoying never-before-seen pieces from the Jean-Michel Basquiat estate, participants also had the opportunity to hear from Professor Marcus Collins and rap and hip-hop pioneer Jeezy for a captivating discussion that unraveled the power that culture has over our decisions, dreams, and creative expression.

Marcus Collins interviewing rapper Jeezy


Fall Tailgates

Amid a vibrant Fall in Michigan, football fans and friends of Michigan Ross Executive Education alike were invited to Ferry Field to help cheer on the Michigan Wolverines throughout the home game season. The Michigan Ross Executive Education tailgates brought together an enthusiastic crowd, including alumni, clients, and supporters, who connected over some friendly competitive cornhole, lively conversations, and delicious food from local businesses.

Attendees enjoying the Michigan tailgate


Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA (Jan. 1, 2024)

Michigan Ross Executive Education continued to expand its footprint in Southern California and kicked off the new year with the same passion and energy brought by the Michigan Wolverines. Exec Ed team members and faculty welcomed clients, alumni, and friends to celebrate an exciting win at the Rose Bowl that displayed energizing moments of teamwork and leadership.

UM Football fans enjoying the Rose Bowl game


Global Impact

In 2023, Michigan Ross Executive Education expanded its global impact by delivering transformative programs across key strategic locations worldwide. Our reach extended to diverse regions, providing executives and professionals with unparalleled learning experiences and fostering a global community of leaders equipped to navigate the complexities of today's dynamic business environment.

Maps of USA and Europe, India, and Asia showing pin point locations of exec ed deliverables

Below are just a few examples of some of the impactful work Michigan Ross Executive Education completed with global partners in 2023.

Custom Deliverables in Europe:

In Lisbon, Portugal, a custom executive education client concluded a three-year high-performing teams journey for their C-Suite leaders. The program primarily focused on seeking and providing feedback, and participants also redid the Michigan Model of Leadership 360 to compare data from the beginning of the journey to the end, showing assurance of learning and growth. The biggest areas of improvement participants saw were in innovation and conflict resolution. Program faculty included Maxim Sytch and Tom Thivierge.

In Berlin, Germany, senior managers and directors from a custom executive education client embarked on a five-day leadership development journey. The program primarily focused on positive leadership, conflict resolution, coaching and providing feedback, horizontal leadership, and harnessing your inner voice. Program faculty included Bob Quinn, Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks, Lindy Greer, and Ethan Kross, with program support from Jennifer Steben and Chris Hargrett.

Staff holding Ross flag in Berlin, program participants working on project


Custom Deliverables in the Middle East

NEOM is an innovative urban development project in the northwest of Saudi Arabia near Tabuk, driven by more than 4,000 professionals from 100 nationalities. NEOM has teamed up with Michigan Ross Executive Education to develop high-potential talent through a 3-year experiential learning journey. The "Hi Pos" will learn how to create organizational agility for rapid innovation, develop the next generation of talent, and accelerate execution of the NEOM strategy. The program kicked off in December 2023 with live on-site sessions on enterprise leadership and executive presence. A highlight was an executive presence showcase on critical leadership topics shaping the future, with remarks from NEOM CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr and Michigan Ross Associate Dean Gretchen Spreitzer. The faculty team also included faculty directors Mike Barger and Mary Hinesly, with Professor Sarah Zimmerman. The project team is led by Managing Director Gene Mage and Assistant Director Gabrielle Shoucair, with program delivery team members Reva Bourgasser and Lucia Yacano. These photos show some highlights from the sessions.

Staff holding Ross flag in Saudia Arabia, group photo of program participants


The Arab Energy Fund “TAEF” is a multilateral impact finance institution with membership from ten regional countries - hosted in Saudi Arabia that focuses on the energy sector through providing both equity and finance solutions across the entire value chain. Recently relocating its HQ office to Riyadh, under the leadership of a new CEO, TAEF is seeking to form a cohesive, unified culture. TAEF invited Michigan Ross to develop the leadership capabilities of both their Executive and Mid-Level Leaders. The program is focused on leading change and transformation and creating organizational alignment based on shared goals and common cultural norms. Professors Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks and Mike Barger are teaching the programs, which include two 3-day modules for each group. Caroline Tuet is serving as a partner from the program delivery team. The first module was delivered to the Mid-Level group in December 2023 by Professor Sanchez-Burks. The first Executive Team module will be in January with Professor Barger.

In 2023, Michigan Ross Executive Education also renewed contracts with clients stc and Riyad Bank. Both organizations are Public Investment Fund companies, representing the organizations that will transform the Kingdom for the future. The stc HiPo program continues to graduate leaders who go on to be VPs and GMs in stc and beyond. The HiPo program has previously won awards as the best leadership development program in the GCC and continues to be the program other companies look to for inspiration. The Riyad Bank Future Leaders Program has been cited as a factor in improving executive retention and looks to be an evolving source of value for the bank.


Custom Deliverables in India

Michigan Ross Executive Education continued to build on its legacy in India in 2023. The Tata TGELs program has trained over 1600 Tata executives and is the longest-running custom program in Ross Executive Education. A direct connection to the late CK Prahalad's CEO summits of the 1990s, TGELs is considered a model for leadership development in India. Today, other executive education clients regularly ask the Michigan Ross team to “do what you do for the Tatas.” 

The Michigan Ross Executive Education program at L&T, one of the largest companies in India's private sector with capabilities across technology, engineering, construction, and manufacturing, continues for the 10th year, creating the leadership cadre for India's "nation-building corporate."

Ross Executive Education has continued to expand engagements in India, adding new companies such as Bajaj Finserv and new sectors, creating a foundation for future growth in the market.

Group photos of programs in India


What's In Store for 2024

In the upcoming year, Michigan Ross Executive Education is thrilled to introduce a lineup of new and enriching programs designed to meet the evolving needs of professionals in 2024. Our expanded portfolio will be complemented by a diverse array of exciting events, providing unparalleled opportunities for networking, learning, and staying at the forefront of industry trends.

New Programs

The Business of Culture: Unlocking the Power Behind What We Buy, What We Do, and Who We Want to Be (Apr. 8-11, 2024 | Los Angeles, CA): Learn how to harness the power of culture in order to influence behavior and subsequently, drive business success in this new program.

Sustainable Leadership in the ESG Era (Apr. 8-11, 2024 | Los Angeles, CA): Develop a toolkit for driving sustainable transformation, integrating ESG principles, and creating long-term value for your organization and stakeholders in this new program.

Chief Operating Officer Program (Jun. 10, 2024 - Jan 10, 2025 | Online and Ann Arbor, MI/Los Angeles, CA): Explore cutting-edge frameworks and tools to administer a strategic approach to leadership and organizational excellence to drive long-term growth, profitability, and business efficiencies.

Chief Technology Officer Program (Jun. 10, 2024 - Jan 10, 2025 | Online and Ann Arbor, MI/Los Angeles, CA): Designed for senior executives who aspire to succeed in the strategic role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), with the foresight, expertise, and capabilities to leverage technology to build a decisive competitive advantage for the organization.


Evening with Michigan Ross Exec Ed in México City, México (Feb. 20, 2024): Featuring an engaging evening of networking and a session to be delivered by Professor Marcus Collins. 

Evening with Michigan Ross Exec Ed in Monterrey, México (Feb. 21, 2024): Featuring an engaging evening of networking and a session to be delivered by Professor Marcus Collins. 

UNICON Directors’ Conference in Hong Kong, China (May 21-23, 2024): Co-hosted by Michigan Ross Executive Education, Ivey School of Business, and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, this year’s conference theme will focus on “Winning in a New Era: Futurists Perspectives of Our Industry.” Registration is to open in January 2024.

MERIT Summit & Awards in Milan, Italy (May 22-22, 2024): Members from the Michigan Ross Executive Education team will accompany a Michigan Ross faculty member as they deliver an engaging presentation to global HR and L&D leaders. The May conference will focus on building sustainable organizations.

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Reflecting on the accomplishments and shared experiences of 2023, Michigan Ross Executive Education extends sincere thanks for the memorable collaboration and engagement this year. The team looks forward to the opportunities that 2024 will bring and values your ongoing participation in our shared journey of continuous learning and achievement.