Strategic Brand Management

Course Code
EMBA 607
1.5 hours
  • Spring 18
  • Spring 19

Strategic Brand Management --- Strong brands are a necessary strategic asset for almost every organization today - including nonprofits/government and industries such as healthcare -- for both `offensive? (revenue-enhancing) and 'defensive' reasons. The course begins by developing a road-map on how to build a strong brand, starting with a well-thought out strategic vision for what the brand needs to communicate. It then dives into the tactics of creating brand awareness, brand identity, perceptions of high quality and industry leadership, brand associations, and brand loyalty. It next examines how existing strong brands can be leveraged for revenue growth through brand extensions, with attention paid to 'brand architecture' (portfolio) trade-offs. Finally, it examines issues of brand valuation, global branding, and brand revitalization. Cases and examples include services, B-to-B, and many consumer durables and non-durable products. A team project on an existing brand is the main deliverable.