Navigating the Waitlist Process

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You’ve just learned that you were waitlisted. What comes next?

Some of you may be feeling excited, disappointed, exhausted, or a combination of complex emotions. While being on the waitlist can be challenging, it’s crucial to maintain optimism throughout the process. Remember, receiving a waitlist offer signifies our continued interest in your candidacy, and each year, many students are admitted off the waitlist into our Full-time MBA cohort. This is not the end of your journey.

First and foremost, be sure to accept the waitlist offer in Wolverine Access by the specified deadline in your admissions decision. No exceptions can be made, so it's crucial not to miss this initial step. Typically, within a week after the waitlist offer deadline, you'll receive an overview of the upcoming waitlist timeline. Decisions will be made throughout the admissions cycle. Applicants waitlisted in Rounds 1 and 2 will be reconsidered in subsequent rounds.

We will notify you of any status changes on the next notification date via Wolverine Access. If your status remains unchanged in the subsequent round, your application will be considered as space becomes available in the class. While most decisions on waitlisted applicants will occur in May and June, candidates may be admitted or denied as early as January.

You will be assigned a waitlist manager from the admissions committee to assist you throughout the process. Your waitlist manager will be your main point of contact and will play a significant role in the final decision for your candidacy. It’s important to share any significant changes since your application was submitted (e.g., job change, promotion, award, test score) immediately.

Waitlisted students usually fall into two situations: 

  1. Those who have been interviewed
  2. Those who have not been interviewed yet

Both groups will be reevaluated along with the next round of applications. If you have already completed an interview, your decision will be either “deny” or “admit.” If you have not interviewed, you may be invited to interview in the subsequent rounds or denied.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer any individualized feedback on your application decision, so the responsibility falls on you to do some self-reflection. Take some intentional time to review your application and consider areas that you could improve to strengthen it. If you’ve already completed an interview, reflect on that as well. 

  • Could you improve your test score?
  • Did you engage with the community before applying?
  • Was your 'why MBA,' 'why now,' and 'why Ross' well articulated?
  • Did you demonstrate readiness for the quantitative rigor of the MBA curriculum?
  • How were your essays? Did they share impactful stories, or could you improve them?
  • Are there more community service experiences you would like to add?

Other important actions to take while on the waitlist include staying engaged with the admissions committee via your waitlist manager and our student and alumni community. This is not only to learn more about what makes Ross a good fit for you but also to stay informed about any updates or events related to the MBA program.

Lastly, I recommend checking out our waitlist FAQs and watching our waitlist webinar to hear directly from students on their experience and journey to the Ross MBA while being waitlisted.