Mumbai, India
Project Goal

Develop a strategy for global scale that will enable Wello to achieve financial sustainability while also achieving their social mission.

Project Detail

Wello is a social venture with a mission to deliver clean water to a thirsty world with its WaterWheel — a rolling plastic drum that allows people to transport up to five times more water than they would otherwise carry. The MAP team was tasked to develop a strategy for global scale that will enable Wello to achieve financial sustainability while also achieving its social mission. The MAP team validated the India business model and created business evaluation tools to help Wello strengthen
its India business to drive more regular revenue and focus on its core market. They were able to recommend a global expansion strategy with organizations which offers strong partnership opportunities.

Faculty Advisors
A.F. Thurnau Professor
Gerald and Esther Carey Professor of Business Administration
Professor of Management & Organizations
Professor of Strategy
In many ways, our lives are defined by the duties we embrace and the responsibilities we shoulder. The challenge is to integrate these duties and...
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Ford Motor Company Clinical Professor of Business Administration
Senior Research Fellow, William Davidson Institute
Area Chair of Business Administration
Ted London is the Ford Motor Company Clinical Professor and Area Chair of Business Administration at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of...
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