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Check Out Some of the Coolest Jobs Michigan Ross One-Year Master’s Students Landed in 2023

A collage of three students featured in the story

Ross School of Business One-Year Master’s Program graduates continued to accept job offers from top companies in the U.S. and across the globe in 2023.

Graduates were hired at companies in diverse industries, including Salesforce Inc., Tesla Inc., General Motors Co., Microsoft Corp., the Walt Disney Co., and many more. According to 2023 employment data, they found roles worldwide, from the East to the West Coast and overseas in countries like Denmark and Cameroon.

To learn more about the interesting roles the Class of 2023 secured, we asked three graduates to give us their insights on their new jobs post-graduation.

John Henry pictured in front of a wood backgroundJohn-Henry Ochieng, MM ’23

Current role
Media campaign operations associate at 84.51° | Clients: Kellogg’s, Dreyer’s, Mars, Grupo Bimbo

What's a typical day like for you at your job?
I start my day by going through emails. If I have a meeting (with the full media team, my smaller pod, or all-company), it is usually around 10-11 a.m. Then, I work through my campaigns. This consists of reviewing and approving creative campaigns aligned with my clients. Depending on my capacity, I also have desk work for my own personal and professional development.

What was your recruitment process like, and how did Ross support you?
The recruitment process was seamless for me. 84.51° was tabling during a career fair week, and I spoke with their university recruitment team. I was very impressed, applied, and had my first interview the following week. In about two to three weeks, I received an offer and accepted.

Any advice for OYM students this year as they consider career opportunities?
Make sure you pursue opportunities that align with your goals and values. With numerous career choices available, it's important not to be swayed by what others are doing and to ensure that the companies you choose to move forward with meet your needs and aspirations.

Will pictured in front of a blue backgroundYu “Will” Liu, MAcc ’23

Current role
Senior audit assistant at Deloitte

What's a typical day like for you at your job? 
As a senior assistant, I perform risk assessments and test the client's internal controls and account balances. I collaborate with other team members as well to get the job done on time.

What was your recruitment process like, and how did Ross support you?
I connected with my current company via a recruiting event on the Michigan Ross campus. I found the Career Development Office’s peer coaching resources extremely helpful. I got to learn interview and application insights from friends at Ross who already had experiences at companies that I was interested in, too. I also appreciated my core courses’ professors exposing us to the industry by inviting guest speakers who have been powerhouses at their companies to build connections.

Any advice for OYM students this year as they consider career opportunities?
Be open. There are many kinds of opportunities ahead. Try to explore different industries, companies, and roles to find the one that fits you.

Harivars pictured in front of a wood backgroundHarivars Dhir, MSCM ’23

Current role
Manager of demand planning, market analysis, and supplier performance at Carnival Corp.

What's a typical day like for you at your job?
On a typical day, I develop and refine fuel forecast models based on ship itineraries and market trends, coordinate with operating companies for optimized bunker lift plans, conduct price analysis considering fuel spend and logistics, and maintain real-time pricing validation tools. Additionally, I create quarterly supplier scorecards, provide pricing guidance, and collaborate with corporate finance on fuel expense budgets and pricing outlooks.

What was your recruitment process like, and how did Ross support you?
The recruitment process comprised four rigorous interview rounds, and Michigan Ross was crucial in guiding me toward a successful transition from ship technical operations into the commodity market.

The CDO assisted in refining my job search strategy by offering insights on optimizing my resume to effectively showcase my skills and experiences. They facilitated mock interview sessions that helped me hone my interviewing skills and build confidence in articulating my qualifications. Workshops on networking, personal branding, and professional etiquette played a key role in shaping my overall approach to the job search process.

Any advice for OYM students this year as they consider career opportunities?
I recommend that current One-Year Master's students carefully strategize their career approach. Rather than indiscriminately applying to all available jobs, it is beneficial to work backward and be discerning about the specific companies, industries, and functions they aspire to be a part of. This focused approach will enable them to streamline their efforts and increase the likelihood of securing opportunities aligned with their professional goals.

Other notable jobs in the Class of 2023

Here is a selection of other interesting positions that One-Year Master’s graduates landed in 2023.

Kami Ziolkowski, MBAn ’23
Position: Data scientist
Company: U.S. Department of Defense
Location: Arlington, Va.

Lindsey Colton, MSCM ’23
Position: Category manager
Company: United Airlines Inc.
Location: Chicago, Ill.

Grant Huizenga, MBAn ’23
Position: Media analytics and insights manager
Company: Proctor and Gamble Co.
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Nathan Kelly, MAcc '23
Position: Transaction diligence staff
Company: EY
Location: Chicago, Ill.

Fei Li, MAcc '23
Position: Associate audit and transaction services
Company: Crowe LLP
Location: San Francisco, Calif.

Megan Murray, MM ’23
Position: Customer marketing associate
Company: FanDuel Group
Location: New York, N.Y.

Freya Shah, MSCM ’23
Position: Supply chain graduate
Company: Novo Nordisk A/S
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Samihah Syed, MM ’23
Position: Associate analyst, customer strategy and innovation
Company: United Airlines Inc.
Location: Chicago, Ill.

Hayden Hayes, MM ’23
Position: Raw materials purchasing — resin and platinum group metal buyer
Company: General Motors Co.
Location: Southlake, Texas

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