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Now Launched: Five of the Most Interesting New Courses at Michigan Ross this Year


Leading responsible organizations, entrepreneurial research, and reexamining capitalism are among the topics covered in new courses that have recently launched at the Ross School of Business.

Check out these cool new courses, many of which cover timely and trending business topics, now open to Michigan Ross undergraduate and graduate students. 

Bachelor of Business Administration

Business to Business and Industrial Marketing taught by Professor Michael Metzger introduces undergraduate students to the challenges and complexities of business-to-business and industrial marketing. While many students may have a background in consumer marketing, this course allows students to understand foundational marketing principles applied in B2B contexts. 

Full-Time MBA 

Reexamining Capitalism led by Andy Hoffman examines how capitalism, the system that raised the standard of living for millions of people over the past century, is now in crisis. The course exposes students to the challenges tied to capitalism, and how the flaws in our market are affecting both social and environmental sectors. 

Online MBA

Managing the OMBA Fund is a unique, action-based learning course that gives Online MBA students responsibility for managing part of the University of Michigan’s endowment fund. Taught by Robert Dittmar, the student-run fund is focused on public equity investing. The course provides students with hands-on experience in analyzing potential public equity investments, persuading portfolio managers to invest in or divest from stocks, and managing the risk of a portfolio of public equities.

Executive MBA

Leading the Responsible Organization, taught by Jerry Davis, explores shifts in corporate ownership, supply chains, employment, and management in the past decade that are reshaping the future of the corporation. The Executive MBA course draws on the latest research to provide an updated understanding of the corporation and its responsibilities, and a set of tools to help students lead responsibly during turbulent times. 

Leading the Responsible Organization was an amazing class, and definitely one of my favorites in the EMBA Program so far. What I loved about it was that it was not a stereotypical ‘CSR class.’ Professor Davis challenged our thinking and pushed us to consider how to be responsible leaders and lead responsible corporations from ALL angles; from how corporations make political contributions, to giving back to communities when organizations are more virtual or national or global, to responsible investing, and others.

Marielle Buccilli, EMBA ’22


Entrepreneurship Research Seminar led by Chris Rider introduces PhD and MBA students to academic research on entrepreneurship. Regular assignments help students design research projects that are rigorous in terms of theory and methods, with a goal of producing a manuscript that should eventually be publishable by a reputable scholarly journal.

Featured Faculty
Professor of Management & Organizations
Professor of Environment and Sustainability
Holcim (US), Inc. Professor of Sustainable Enterprise
Gilbert and Ruth Whitaker Professor of Business Administration
Professor of Management and Organizations
Thomas C. Kinnear Professor and Associate Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies