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Episode 103 – In the War on Regulation, Who Are the Casualties?

In this episode, professors from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan tackle the question, “In the war on business regulation, who are the casualties?” They discuss the effects of a recent Supreme Court decision limiting the EPA’s ability to regulate emissions, including what it means for the fight against climate change, as well as for regulations on the financial industry.

At the end of the episode is a bonus research interview with Andy Hoffman, professor of management and organizations, who explains his thoughts on the idea of approaching a business career as a higher calling.

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About the participants

Episode Host and Producer: Bob Needham

Guests: Jeremy Kress, Tom Lyon, and Andy Hoffman

Audio Engineer: Jonah Brockman

Featured Faculty
Dow Professor of Sustainable Science, Technology and Commerce
Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy
Professor of Environment and Sustainability
Professor of Management & Organizations
Professor of Environment and Sustainability
Holcim (US), Inc. Professor of Sustainable Enterprise