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MBA ‘17

Brand strategy consultant in NYC

Joe started his career at Target, so it’s not surprising he used a bullseye to map out a career journey before coming to Michigan Ross.
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MAcc '20

Ready for the Challenge

Nan was ready for a challenge. He was enjoying his time at the University of North Texas majoring in finance. He was giving back to his community through various student organizations and helping...
MBA '16

Strengthening More Than Management Skills

Landy wanted to strengthen her skills in management, marketing, and leadership so she could help her family business. In addition to the accelerated, 16-...
MBA '13

Going Beyond Medicine

As a full-time physician and president, I couldn't commit to a traditional MBA. Ross' once-a-month format has been ideal for me.
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BBA '21

Finding a Community of Support

Being a Ross student isn’t always easy. As Anthony Coffie puts it, “Being a Ross student means pursuing my highest academic and professional self. It means stepping out of my comfort zone. It means...
MM ‘17

Compassionate, determined future physician

Pre-med student Elise Corden has bigger aspirations than just making diagnoses — she wants to make a difference.
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MBA '19

Endless Opportunities for an Entrepreneur on the Go

As a serial entrepreneur, I chose Ross due to the flexibility of the program and the ability to select classes that fit my interests.
BBA '20

Ross Alum Pursues Passion for Marketing and Auto Industry

Kenneth Daniel, BBA ’20, believes following your passion can make a world of difference in achieving career success and happiness. Kenneth is following his passion – or “North Star,” as he calls it...
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PhD Student

Branching Out to Create Worldwide Change

I grew up in Calcutta, India -- lively, warm, argumentative people whose passionate debates leave nothing untouched.
MBA '12

Sharpening Her Business Acumen

Since obtaining her MBA, Deb has been promoted three times – and now she’s president of American Water Enterprises, a subsidiary of the company.
BBA '17

Ambitious, Innovative, Inquisitive

“What I’ve seen in my exposure to the business world so far is that there’s not just one correct answer. Our classes force you to figure out multiple, different answers and why the one answer you landed on is best."
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Exploring Resilience in Business at Ross

My career started in finance: I worked for S&P from 2009-2012 as a project financial analyst. Although I didn’t have anything to do with mortgage-backed securities or the financial crisis, I did...