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MBA '16

From Sao Paulo to Wall Street

If you’re a mechanical engineering grad in Brazil, the chances of making it to Wall Street are pretty slim. That is, unless you’re Artur Gushiken. He knew that in order to make it in finance in the U...
PhD '16

Utilizing Valuable Research Resources at Ross

I research consumer judgment, decision-making, and behavior in the laboratory by manipulating various elements of consumption situations.
BBA '18

Californian, Traveler, Future Consultant

People just care about you. Everyone is so willing to give back, and that kind of inspires your personal drive to do the same.
MAcc '17

Regulatory Sleuth

Chondra Herman’s MAcc peers nominated her for four awards: Class Clown, Most Likely to Start Your Own Accounting Firm, Social Butterfly, and Busy Bee. Meet Chondra yourself, and you’ll understand why...
BBA ‘17/MAcc ‘18

An Altruistic Accountant

The environment we’re in and the people we’re with really have encouraged me to be my best self.
MBA '15

Global healthcare program manager

Ask Audrey Horn, MBA ‘15, and she’ll tell you Michigan Ross can help you go anywhere. Literally.
MBA '15

Digging Deeper with Michigan Ross

They really ask us to think logically, not just on the surface, but also about why this case or this phenomenon happened.
MM '16

Making Waves with a Masters in Management

One of the best features of Ross’ MM Program is its incredibly diverse and talented pool of students and alumni. One of them, Connor Jaeger, is really making a splash. Connor is a decorated two-time...
Student Profile
MBA/MS '22

Committing to Sustainable Business

After graduating from Boston University with four majors (mathematics, economics, finance, and computer science), it took Vidit Jain, MBA/MS '22, some time to figure out exactly what he wanted to do...
MBA, '22

Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Spirit with an Analytical Approach

As a data scientist at Ford Motor Company, Heng Liu, MBA '22, is known for his ability to solve technical problems through analytical thinking. His work gives him the ability to tackle the challenges...
Student Profile

Spreading Social Good with Positive Business Strategy

Shortly after the company I cofounded, Essmart , launched in southern India, my colleagues and I saw the huge effect even simple technology can have on a...
MBA '21

Becoming an All-Star Leader

Natalie Juronoc first thought about pursuing an MBA while finishing her undergraduate degree in marketing. It crossed her mind again early in her career at an advertising agency. As Natalie advanced...