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BBA '14

Jumping Full-Force Into Finance

In my internship with students from Ivy League schools. I would say I was, by far, the most well-prepared.
BBA ‘20

Studying Business with Purpose

Emily Milanowski never thought she would pursue business as her undergraduate degree, but everything changed when she stepped into the hallways of Michigan Ross. “In my high school, we didn't have a...
MM '20

Finding His Role in FinTech

Safwaan Mir had a tough decision on his hands. Throughout undergrad, his goal was to pursue a degree in biomedical physics and go on to do research. But in his senior year during his capstone project...
MBA '15

Forming Real Connections

The classes I've taken and classmates I've met have significantly impacted me. I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful, supportive community.
MAcc '16

Mastering the Role of a Team Player

“I learned everything from how to successfully navigate the codification to how to work most efficiently in group projects. Now, I'm working a job that I love going to every day.”
MM '16

Expanding Academic Experiences

More and more, our society is driven by big ideas, so you have to have that lexicon and be able to dabble in all of these different areas that integrate in business.
PhD '15

Cultivating Academic Ties Across Multiple Disciplines

I chose Ross because of the collaborative, supportive community, and the many different disciplines and approaches to research.
MAcc ‘17

Associate Financial Analyst, Google

Whether it’s going for Vietnamese food after a CPA exam or simply working together to solve a challenging question in class, Michigan Ross Master of Accounting students offer each other around-the-...
MM ‘18

Tuned Into Business

There’s a point to every class — it’s work you would actually be doing in business.
BBA/BA '19

Making a Difference, On Campus and In the Future

“Being able to do human rights and international studies along with business, and try to find a bridge between the two, has been something that Michigan allowed me to do.”
MBA '15

The Grateful Alum

Heather’s MBA experience included researching the Grateful Dead and optimizing the visitor experience at Hudson Yards.
Student Profile

Spearheading Research on Communities’ Medical Accessibility

I took many things into consideration before choosing Michigan Ross for my PhD program. Most importantly, as for any PhD student, was the ability to do high-quality research. I was thrilled to...