Cindy Fu

Cindy Fu, MBA '14

Gaining Experience With Practical Skills and Academic Theory

With an extensive background in human resources management, Cindy was chosen by her employer in China to get a more broad-based MBA education.

It needed to be an accelerated program, and among the universities offering them, "Ross was the best one," she says — a reputation reinforced by a Ross alum on her company's, TCL Multimedia, board of directors.

She liked the way Ross teaches not just theory, "but also the practical skills" in subjects like operations, strategy, and finance. Her supply chain management course turned out to be a favorite, using software simulation and delving into inventory, procurement, production, and sales forecasting.

"It combined all kinds of knowledge, all kinds of skills in business," Cindy says.

She also appreciated the Ross focus on action-based learning and real-world situations: "In each course, there were some guest speakers or real business cases to discuss."

And the Ann Arbor community was welcoming; she found "a very active, very positive environment on campus."