Michigan Ross immerses PhD students in their chosen fields, working side-by-side with our world-class faculty.

Choosing an area of concentration while also working collaboratively across disciplines produces intellectual capital with impact. The seven areas of study for PhD students will position you as a top scholar ready to teach at the world’s leading business schools.


The Ross PhD Program in accounting has consistently trained and developed cutting-edge accounting scholars who have pursued influential academic careers at leading research-oriented universities.

Our goal is to uphold this rich tradition.

A major strength of the program is the close interaction between faculty and students. Student offices are co-located with faculty offices, a rarity in most business schools. The Paton Fund offers generous research assistantships for PhD students, reinforcing the program’s commitment to research excellence.

The PhD program in Business and Economics is a joint degree offered by the Ross School of Business and the Department of Economics at the University of Michigan. The goal of the joint program is to prepare scholars who will receive the best training in the theoretical and methodological approaches used in economics combined with the specific training in business applications offered at the business school.

The program is designed to serve students who have interests in broad microeconomic research areas of relevance to business.

The main objective of the program is to produce outstanding researchers who can be placed in the world's top academic finance departments.

Doctoral students in finance at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business have access to a large, active and collegial finance faculty with diverse research interests. The faculty devotes significant resources to the PhD program, recognizing that having a top PhD program is critical to maintain an outstanding research environment.

The PhD Program in Management & Organizations trains scholars for careers as researchers and teachers at premier academic institutions throughout the world.

PhD students at Michigan have the opportunity to work closely with social scientists spanning a broad range of research areas and have access to unparalleled resources for pursuing diverse scholarly interests.

Our PhD program in marketing is rigorous yet heterogeneous and flexible in both the range of possible research topics and the coursework.

With the school’s emphasis on interdisciplinary research, the department consists of faculty with diverse research interests including Bayesian statistical modeling, empirical industrial organization/structural modeling, brand building, judgment and decision making, social influence and identity, consumer and cultural neuroscience and sensory marketing.

Our PhD in strategy is a research-oriented program designed to prepare students for careers in academia.

The program emphasizes:

  1. Rigorous coursework that prepares students to conduct all aspects of strategic management research from theory building to sophisticated empirical research.
  2. Close collaboration with faculty on research projects.
  3. Socialization of students into a career of academic research and teaching.

The Technology & Operations department focuses on the design and management of value-creating transformation processes and their enabling technologies.

The Technology & Operations faculty lead their field in both research and teaching by leveraging a unique combination of Ross School programs. Established infrastructure, such as the Tauber Institute for Global Operations and Michigan Ross’ distinctive Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP), can efficiently put faculty in touch with senior managers in a problem-solving context.