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PhD in Marketing

Conduct innovative research and prepare to make an impact in a career teaching and leading at a top university. Expand your understanding of how companies and consumers interact in global markets, leveraging the resources and expertise of renowned faculty at Ross and across the University of Michigan. 

Linda Hagen
What attracted me to Ross initially was that the marketing department studied a wide range of topics — from advertising to brain imaging. Chances are you’ll diversify or change your interests through a five-year program, and such a place allows you to explore different topics, guided by field experts, to find what is right for you. Aside from the renowned faculty, the program stood out in terms of the diversity of students. My colleagues came from all over the world and with various backgrounds. Insights from other disciplines like engineering or psychology inform the research that students conduct at Ross.
Marketing PhD Program Structure

You will take a sequence of rigorous courses over the first two years — which cover methodological foundations (e.g., econometrics and multivariate statistics) and theoretical foundations (e.g., microeconomics and social psychology). You will also participate in advanced marketing-specific seminars, and complete required courses and electives. Master’s degree competency and certification in one of the basic cognates to marketing, such as psychology, economics, or statistics, is encouraged.

You will complete a large-scale research paper by the end of your second year in the program, modeled on articles in leading academic marketing journals. 

A preliminary exam, which covers marketing-specific and other methodological topics, is given at the end of the second year of the program. You will be allowed ample preparation time, including meetings with individual faculty sharing your interests.

The marketing PhD program is not accepting applications for the ‘24/’25 academic year.  
It will resume accepting applications in Fall of 2024 for the ‘25/’26 academic year.

Marketing PhD Faculty

Michigan Ross faculty develop research methodology in statistics, psychology, economics, machine learning, and data science to find solutions to crucial issues in today’s fast-moving markets. 

Associate Professor of Marketing
Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Fellow
Marketing Faculty Doctoral Coordinator
Dwight F. Benton Professor Emeritus of Marketing
Professor Emeritus of Marketing
Joseph Handleman Professor of Marketing
Professor of Statistics
Chair of Marketing
Arnold M. and Linda T. Jacob Faculty Fellow
Associate Professor of Marketing
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Dwight F. Benton Professor of Marketing
Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Faculty Fellow
Alfred L. Edwards Collegiate Professor
University Diversity & Social Transformation Professor
Professor of Marketing
Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Wilbur K. Pierpont Collegiate Professor of Management
Professor of Marketing
Faculty Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Learn more about the faculty and research contributions of the marketing area at Michigan Ross.

Recent Marketing Placements

Gwen Geunhae Ahn , 2023
University of Colorado

Jangwon Choi, 2023
Santa Clara University

Tim Döring, 2022
Maastricht University

Prashant Rajaram, 2021
Ivey Business School, Western University

Steve Shaw, 2021
University of Pennsylvania

Dana Turjeman, 2021
Arison School of Business, Reichman University

Rebecca Chae, 2020
Santa Clara University

Longxiu Tian, 2019
University of North Carolina

Tiffany Vu, 2019
Saint Mary's University

Tong Guo, 2018
Duke University

Xu Zhang, 2018
London Business School

Eunsoo Kim, 2017
Nanyang Technological University

Sina Esteky, 2017
Miami University

Mike Palazzolo, 2016
UC Davis

Linda Hagen, 2016
USC Marshall

Jihoon Cho, 2016
Kansas State

Jenny Olson, 2015
Indiana University

Stephanie Carpenter, 2015
University of Michigan (ISR)

Christine Kang, 2015
California State Long Beach

Jason Stornelli, 2015
Oregon State

Current Marketing PhD Students

Join the next generation of scholars preparing to solve the complex issues facing the marketing field. 

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Dylan Christiano 
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Hayoung Cheon

Hayoung Cheon 
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Varad Vivek Deolankar

Varad Vivek Deolankar  
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Aishwarya Joshi

Aishwarya Joshi 
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Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee 
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Prativa Subedi   
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Zetao Wang

Zetao Wang    
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Celeste Yi

Celeste Yi 
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