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E.g., Oct 27 2020
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November 9, 2020
3:00 pm
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Professor Andy Hoffman, writing in The Conversation, says Donald Trump’s positions could backfire and strengthen the environmental agenda.

Writing in The Conversation, Professor Andy Hoffman says academics need to keep up with changes in society to maintain their relevance.

Writing in The Conversation, Professor Andy Hoffman says over-reliance on science and reason inhibits understanding the natural world.

Writing in The Conversation, Professor Joe Arvai says policy makers can learn from behavior science on how to make better decisions.

New book by Professor Andy Hoffman explores how to find your calling when it comes to building a sustainable future.

Research by Professor Joe Arvai shows knowledge matters when it comes to climate change concern.

Professor Tom Lyon, writing in The Guardian, isn’t buying the famed investor’s argument on how climate change will affect the insurance industry.