Open Filters
Peter Allen
  • Adjunct Lecturer of Real Estate
Sugato Bhattacharyya
  • Associate Professor of Finance
Lauren Bigelow
  • Intermittent Lecturer of Finance
David Brophy
  • Director of the Office for the Study of Private Equity Finance
  • Professor of Finance
Jonathan Carmel
  • Lecturer of Finance
Joshua Cascade
  • LEO Intermittent Lecturer of Finance
Amy Dittmar
  • Vice Provost for Academic and Budgetary Affairs
  • Professor of Finance
  • Stephen M. Ross School of Business
  • Professor of Economics, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Robert Dittmar
  • Professor of Finance
Gunter Dufey
  • Professor Emeritus of Corporate Strategy and International Business
  • Professor Emeritus of Finance
Stefano Giglio
  • Visiting Professor
Michael Godwin
  • LEO Intermittent Lecturer
Jason Hall
  • Lecturer I in Business
Gautam Kaul
  • Professor of Finance
  • Robert G. Rodkey Collegiate Professor of Business Administration
E. Han Kim
  • Everett E. Berg Professor of Business Administration, and Professor of Finance, Corporate Strategy and International Business
Rajesh Kothari
  • LEO Intermittent Lecturer
Seokwoo Lee
  • Visiting Assistant Professor for Finance
Qin Lei
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
Andrey Malenko
  • Associate Professor of Finance
Nadya Malenko
  • Associate Professor of Finance
Shane Miller
  • Assistant Professor of Finance
Steve Morris
  • LEO Intermittent Lecturer of Finance, Stephen M Ross School of Business
M.P. Narayanan
  • Robert Morrison Hoffer Professor of Business Administration
  • Professor of Finance
Pedram Nezafat
  • LEO Lecturer
Paolo Pasquariello
  • Professor of Finance