Michigan Ross will help you to find the right career in finance.

MAP and select courses will prepare you with the knowledge and skills you need. You can jump-start your education with our Fast Track in Finance and get hands-on experience managing one of our student-led venture funds. Dedicated Career Services support, engaged alumni, peer coaches, and the Ross Finance Club will help you make the right connections – and find the right job.

Fast Track in Finance

The Fast Track in Finance program prepares you to succeed in careers requiring analytical thinking and financial acumen. Depending on your background and performance on assessments designed by Ross, you will progress through relevant courses quickly to enable you to successfully compete for internships requiring these skills.

This highly selective program offers the best of both worlds: You begin finance courses as soon as you start at Ross, while still taking full advantage of the signature aspects of our general management core curriculum. There are two different tracks in the program, both of which require you to waive the core accounting course (ACC 502).

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Employment Data for Finance

Citi, JP Morgan Chase & Co., American Express,Bank of America, Barclays, Goldman Sachs logos


16.9% of Ross grads went into various types of Finance roles:




Ross Alums Tell You How They Got Their Jobs In Finance


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Function Median Mean Range % of reported Median
Finance $125,000 $126,120 $80,000-$234,000 84.0% $42,500
Investment Banking $125,000 $126,667 $120,000-$150,000 96.3% $48,750
Corporate Finance $115,000 $116,882 $80,000-$158,000 88.2% $30,000
General Finance $128,000 $149,833 $125,000-$243,000 16.7% $35,000

Finance Co-Curricular Activities

Finance Club - MBA

We provide members interested in finance or finance-related careers the resources, tools and guidance needed to successfully reach their professional goals. 

Investment Association

The Investment Association is a student-led organization for those interested in investing. Activities include stock pitch competitions, the annual Ross Investment Competition, networking and educational opportunities, and career treks.

Michigan Investment Banking Club

The mission of the Michigan Investment Banking Club is to help educate its members in order to secure internships and full-time positions in the investment banking industry.

Our Students in Finance


Meet Dana Moser

Dayna Moser, a private wealth advisor and 2008 alum of the Ross School of Business MBA program, discusses how her experience at Ross was crucial in helping her discover and follow a passion for finance.

Recent MAP Challenges in Finance 

MAP allows you to "dip your toe" into particular industries and functions during your time at Ross to help you figure out if this is the career path you want to pursue. It’s a great way to gain experience, stretch yourself, and explore something different. Take a look at some past MAP projects in this career path for an idea of what you can experience at Ross.

Washington, DC

Design an employability index/standard for the International Finance Corporation to help create a new standard for the industry in emerging markets.

Dearborn, MI

Conduct a situation analysis that outlines Ford Credit's approach to Autonomous Vehicle (AV) ecosystem.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Develop the business case for diaspora SME loans and assess prospects for scaling the programs into a long-term viable business option.

Finance Students