Open Filters
Bill Hall
  • Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies
Kyle Handley
  • Assistant Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy
Derek Harmon
  • Assistant Professor of Strategy
David Hess
  • Associate Professor of Business Law
David Hiemstra
  • Intermittent Lecturer in Business
Herbert Hildebrandt
  • Professor Emeritus of Business Administration
  • Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies
Mary Hinesly
  • Lecturer of American Business History
  • Lecturer of Business Communication
Andy Hoffman
  • Professor of Management & Organizations
  • Professor of Environment and Sustainability
  • Holcim (US), Inc. Professor of Sustainable Enterprise
Seyed Ali Hojjat
Wally Hopp
  • C.K. Prahalad Distinguished University Professor of Business and Engineering
  • Associate Dean for Part-Time MBA
  • Professor of Technology and Operations
  • Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering
Yan Huang
  • Assistant Professor of Technology and Operations
Gene Imhoff
  • Professor Emeritus of Accounting
Raffi Indjejikian
  • Carlton H. Griffin-Deloitte & Touche LLP Collegiate Professor of Accounting
Michael James
  • LEO Intermittent Lecturer of Business Administration
Stefanus Jasin
  • Assistant Professor of Technology and Operations
Michael Jensen
  • Professor of Strategy
Itay Kama
  • Visiting Associate Professor of Accounting
Roman Kapuscinski
  • John Psarouthakis Research Professor of Manufacturing Management
  • Professor of Technology and Operations
  • Chair of Technology and Operations
Aneel Karnani
  • Professor of Strategy
Gautam Kaul
  • Professor of Finance & Fred M. Taylor Professor of Business Administration
Samantha Keppler
  • Assistant Professor of Technology and Operations
Brad Killaly
  • Associate Dean, Full-Time MBA
  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Strategy
E. Han Kim
  • Everett E. Berg Professor of Business Administration
  • Director, Mitsui Life Financial Research Center and East Asia Management Development Center
  • Professor of Finance and International Business
Tom Kinnear
  • D Maynard Phelps Collegiate Professor of Business Administration
  • Professor of Marketing