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Photo of New York City street with little traffic

Writing in The Conversation, Michigan Ross Professor Tom Lyon and colleagues explore a difference in generational attitudes.

Illustration of white and black figures on a scale

Writing for The Conversation, Michigan Ross Professor Aradhna Krishna explores the implicit associations of color and goodness.

Photo illustration with gavel and folder

Corporations seek and secure favorable legal decisions by retaining attorneys who have worked for or studied with federal judges, a new study reveals.

Crowdsourcing illustration

Research by Michigan Ross Professor Damian Beil finds that the specifics of online contests can impact the quality of entries received.

Illustration of people social distancing

New paper from University of Michigan researchers finds different factors at work.

Guidance from Michigan Ross faculty on dealing with coronavirus dominates most-read content.

Photo illustration of laptop with craft supplies

Writing in Harvard Business Review, Michigan Ross Professor Jane Dutton shows how the concept can apply in differing work situations.

Illustration of laptop screen showing remote team members

Michigan Ross Professor Lindy Greer suggests specific actions your company can take now to adopt practices that will serve you well into the future.