Open Filters
Izak Duenyas
  • Associate Dean for Executive Programs, Herrick Professor of Business
  • Professor of Technology and Operations
  • Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering
  • Faculty Director, Executive MBA Program
Aaron Dworkin
  • Professor
Cristina Eckhoff
  • Lecturer I
Lee Epting
  • LEO Intermittent Lecturer
Betsy Erwin
  • Business Development Intermediate Supervisor and Adjunct LEO Lecturer
Hila Etzion
  • LEO Lecturer IV of Technology and Operations
Fred Feinberg
  • Joseph Handleman Professor of Marketing
  • Professor of Statistics
  • Chair of Marketing
Tammy Feldman
  • Lecturer of Business Economics and Public Policy
Jessica Fong
  • Assistant Professor
Justin Frake
  • Assistant Professor of Strategy
Izzy Gainsburg
  • LEO Intermittent Lecturer
Sophia Galifianakis
  • Lecturer II of Business Communication
Lindsey Gallo
  • Coopers and Lybrand, Norman E. Auerbach Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Jones Research Scholar
Cheng Gao
  • NBD Bancorp Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Assistant Professor of Strategy
Amir Ghaferi
  • Asst Professor
Michael Godwin
  • LEO Intermittent Lecturer
Rich Gonzalez
  • Professor of Marketing
  • Professor of Psychology
Erik Gordon
  • Clinical Assistant Professor
Lindy Greer
  • Professor for Management and Organizations
  • Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Fellow
Sarika Gupta
  • Managing Director, Samuel Zell & Robert H. Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies Lecturer, Business Administration
Vinay Gupta
  • LEO Intermittent Lecturer of Business Administration
Andreas Hagemann
Jason Hall
  • Lecturer I in Business
Gerry Hargrove
  • LEO Intermittent Lecturer in Business Law