Israel and Canada
Produce a three-year strategic plan for three new power generator markets that includes situation analyses and potential go-to-market activities.
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Plymouth, MI; Turin, Italy; Graz, Austria
Perform a U.S. market assessment and recommend action steps for how to expand North American business.
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Corry, PA;Milwaukee, WI;Bristol, CT;Peabody, MA;Brecksville, OH;Plymouth, MI;Farmington, CT
Create a dynamic financial forecasting model that can be utilized across Barnes Industrial's diverse strategic business units to drive consistency, enhance understanding, and increase forecast...
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Ixtacuixtla Mexico
Conduct a logistical network analysis to optimize the use of physical facilitites.
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Seattle, WA
Conduct a market analysis to identify opportunities for digital technology solutions in space business-to-business applications.
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Boston, MA; Tacahuano, Chile; Quellon, Chile; Seattle, WA; Rochester, NY; Dallas, TX; Grand Rapids, MI
Assess potential market for salmon products and formulate a strategy for how to differentiate Blumar products to increase market share and profit margin.
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