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Seminars & Webinars

Technology & Operations Doctoral Seminars

The topics covered in each of theses seminars are listed below.

At least one doctoral seminar is offered in each semester, and seminars related to new research topics are always under development. Additional research seminars which include presentations by faculty from other institutions, industry leaders, and our own doctoral students area also held.

TO855 Queuing Theory I 

Instructor - Prof. Izak Duenyas

  • Birth-death queues, time reversibility, stochastic orders
  • Jackson networks: Open, closed and semi-open networks
  • Stochastic Comparisons: Likelihood Ratio Ordering
  • Kelly Networks, Quasi Reversibility, PASTA Property
  • Heavy Traffic and Fluid Limits of Queues

TO885  Empirical Methods in Operations Management

Instructor - Prof. Jun Li

  • Linear Regression
  • Causality and Instrument Variables
  • Panel Data and Difference-in-Difference
  • Natural Experiments, Field Experiments and Regression Discontinuity Design
  • Count Data and Discrete Choice Models
  • Structural Models


TO885 Topics in Global Health Delivery 

Instructor - Prof. Ravi Anupindi

  • Introduction & Forecasting
  • Tiered-Pricing
  • Advance Market Commitments
  • Design and Coordination
  • Randomized Field Experiments
  • Transportation

TO885 Topics in Sustainable Supply Chains 

Instructor - Prof. Ravi Anupindi

  • Economic and Legal Views
  • Classical Approaches (Environmental Economics and Industrial Ecology) and Operations Management
  • OM Research (Extended Producers Responsibility)
  • OM Research (Closed Loop Supply Chains)
  • Energy Sustainability
  • Empirical Research

TO855 Value of Information & Risk Management 

Instructor - Prof. Roman Kapuscinski

  • Value of Information
  • Value of Information and Effect of Response Time
  • Value of Centralized Systems
  • Bullwhip Effect
  • Risk and Hedging
  • Operations and Financial Constraints
  • Disruption Risks

TO899 Customer Behavior in Operations 

Coordinators: Profs. Roman Kapuscinski and Hyun-soo Ahn

  • Learning and Pricing
  • Basic (Clearance) Sales Model
  • Pricing of Short Life-Cycle Product (Price for Individual Customer)
  • Product Life Cycle and Market Evolution
  • Bundling
  • Advance Selling
  • Distribution Channels
  • Queuing and Price
  • Strategic Consumers
  • Product Line Decision (Product assortment decision.)
  • Switching Costs
  • Promotion

TO899 Experimental Research in Economics, Management and Operations

Instructor - Prof. Stephen Leider

  • Methods, Markets, Game Theory
  • Bargaining, Fairness
  • Reciprocity & Incentives
  • Production (Field Experiments), Social Networks
  • Behavioral Operations, Contracting
  • Risk & Decision Making
  • Biases, Self-Control, Overconfidence

TO899 Learning, Crowds, and Innovation

Instructor - Prof. Mohamed Mostagir


  • Bayesian and Non-Bayesian models of social learning
  • Network Pricing
  • Network and social learning in innovation
  • Exploitation vs. Experimentation 
  • New Product Development
  • Innovation Tournaments
  • Crowdsourcing and Ideation

TO899 Revenue Management 

Instructor - Prof. Stefanus Jasin

  • Network Resource Allocation
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Markdown Pricing
  • Strategic Customers
  • Robust Revenue Management
  • Competitive Revenue Management
  • Auction and Mechanism Design
  • Industry Applications

TO899 Stochastic Resource Allocation and Dynamic Pricing

Instructor - Prof. Hyun-Soo Ahn

  • Single resource capacity control and rationing
  • Theory of Pricing: Part I
  • Theory of Pricing: Part II
  • Multi-product Pricing Strategy
  • Consumer Choice Model
  • Departures from classical demand models: Strategic and Myopic Consumers
  • Departures from classical demand models: Reference Price and Quantity Effect

TO899 Supply Chain Management (Instructor - Prof. Roman Kapuscinski)

  • Inventory Theory
  • Multi-echelon structures
  • VMI and outsourcing
  • Inventory and pricing - centralized
  • Modeling Exchange risk
  • Advanced demand information
  • Proportional yield and uncertain capacity
  • Games, incentives, information
  • Inventory and pricing in decentralized systems
  • Capacity and entry deterrence
  • Substitution
  • Decentralized systems – wholesale price and coordination

TO899 Technology Management (Instructor - Prof. William Lovejoy)

  • Industrial dynamics
  • Strategy, Diversity and Internal Organization
  • Internal Organization (inertia and core competencies)
  • The nature of innovation
  • Organizing for new product innovations
  • Models for information flows and development process capacity
  • R&D project portfolio management
  • Exploration vs Exploitation I: Models for learning at cost
  • Exploration vs Exploitation II: Bandit problems
  • Managing internal knowledge

TO899 Theories of Procurement (Instructor - Prof. Damian Beil)

  • Single source models I: Basic auction theory
  • Single source models II: Mechanism design, Multi-attribute auctions
  • Single source models III: Capacity investments, Auctions with bidder qualification checks
  • Multiple source models I: Split-award contracts, Quantity-flexible contracts
  • Multiple source models II: Entry fees, Repeated sourcing events
  • Competitive bidding and moral hazard
  • Option and spot markets with forward contracts
  • Multiple source models III: Combinatorial auctions, Topology of buyer-seller networks

Technology & Operations Doctoral Accomplishments


George Chen, Damian Beil, Izak Duenyas, and Brendan See, “When to Deploy Test Auctions in Sourcing.”  Forthcoming in Manufacturing and Service Operations Management.

Evgeny Kagan, Stephen Leider, and William Lovejoy, “Ideation-Execution Transition in Product Development: An Experimental Analysis.”  Forthcoming in Management Science.

Yanzhe Lei, Stefanus Jasin, and Amitabh Sinha “Joint Dynamic Pricing and Order Fulfillment for Ecommerce Retailers.” Forthcoming in Manufacturing and Service Operations Management.

Feng Tian, and Peng Sun, “Optimal Contract to Induce Continued Effort.”  Forthcoming in Management Science.

Guihua Wang, D. Lee, J. Li, K. Croome, J. Burns, D. Perry, J. Nguyen, W. Hopp, and C. Taner, “Looking Inward: The Impact of Operative time on Graft Survival after Liver Transplantation."  Forthcoming in Surgery.



Lai Wei, "Shipping Consolidation Across Two Warehouses with Delivery Deadline and Expedited Options for E-commerce and Omni-Channel Retailers", Finalist M&SOM Student Paper Competition, IBM Service Science Section's Student Best Paper Award, Advisors: Stefanus Jasin and Roman Kapuscinski. 

Guihua Wang, "An Instrumental Variable Tree Approach for Detecting Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in Observational Studies", Finalist INFORMS Service Section Student Paper Competition, Advisors: Jun Li and Wally Hopp. 

Maggie Lee, "Integrating Empirical Estimation and Assortment Personalization for E-commerce: A Consider-then-Choose Model", Finalist INFORMS MSOM Data Driven Research Challenge, Advisor: Shima Nassiri 

Jacob P Chestnut, "Giving It Away to Increase Profits: Price Discrimination and the Effect of Free Goods," Finalist, POMS College of Healthcare Operations Management Best Student Paper Competition. Advisors: Ravi Anupindi and Hyun-soo Ahn.

Evgeny Kagan, “Ideation-Execution Transition in Product Development: An Experimental Analysis.” Honorable Mention, Behavioral Operations Management Best Working Paper Competition. Advisors: Stephen Leider and William Lovejoy.

Guihua Wang, “Using Patient‐Centric Quality Information to Unlock Hidden Health Care Capabilities,” Finalist, MSOM Student Paper Competition and INFORMS Service Section Best Student Paper Competition.

Guihua Wang, “A causal tree approach for personalized health care outcome analysis,” Finalist, Health Application Society Student Paper Competition.

Yanzhe Lei, “Joint Dynamic Pricing and Order Fulfillment for Ecommerce Retailers.”  Second prize, POMS-HK Best Student Paper Competition. Advisors: Stefanus Jasin and Amitabh Sinha.


Jacob Chestnut: Rackham Graduate School Merit Fellow.

Jacob Chestnut: Leabo Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching.

Evgeny Kagan: Rackham Pre-Doctoral fellowship, Spivey-Hall Award for Academic Excellence.

Yanzhe Lei: Spivey-Hall Award for Academic Excellence.

Guihua Wang: Rackham Pre-Doctoral fellowship; Robert D. and Janet E. Neary Award for Academic Excellence.

Iris Wang: Leabo Award for Academic Excellence.

Co-Coordinator: Stephen Leider

  • Associate Professor of Technology and Operations
  • Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Fellow
Stephen Leider is an Associate Professor of Technology and Operations. In his research he uses experimental, theoretical and empirical methods to...

Co-Coordinator: Joline Uichanco

  • Assistant Professor of Technology and Operations


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Graduated Students

2018 Jacob Chestnut Cornell University
2018 Evgeny Kagan Johns Hopkins
2018 Murray Lei Queens University
2018 Iris Wang UIUC
2017 Qi (George) Chen University of Texas - Dallas
2016 Hakjin Chung KAIST
2016 Liang Ding Bain Consulting
2015 Ana Ruth Beer Indiana University
2015 Yao Cui Cornell University
2015 Daniel Rush University of Northern Colorado
2015 Ajit Sharma Carnegie Mellon University (visiting)
2014 Amornpetchkul, Thunyarat (Bam) National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand
2014 Malladi, Suresh University of Arkansas
2014 Qi, Anyan University of Texas at Dallas
2014 Suresh, Santhosh McKinsey and Company


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Sanjeev Kumar

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