Auburn Hills, MI;South Bend, IN
Analyze new growth opportunities in adjacent commercial markets that would leverage AM General's specialized military vehicle core competencies and expand their footprint through strategic...
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Toronto, Canada;Winnipeg, Canada
Develop a go-to-market strategy and implementation plan to expand residential delivery services for healthcare products, primarily prescription drugs.
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Nashville, TN
Develop a strategic go-to-market plan for existing emergency roadside service business unit in the U.S. and Canadian markets.
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Bolingbrook, IL, USA
Evaluate our current load tendering and management platform that manages the end-to-end process of scheduling commitments. Provide recommendations to help streamline operations (assign loads sooner...
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Bellevue, WA
Develop a business case for a suite of travel insurance products and services that will appeal to young travelers.
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Seattle, WA
Analyze and interpret how similar global organizations execute a multibrand strategy in a single geographic market.
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Ann Arbor, MI
Formulate a detailed, three-year growth strategy for FINN’s U.S. expansion, inclusive of strategy development for geographic expansion, B2B partnerships, sustainability, and competitive...
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