Detroit, MI
Recommend strategies for the optimal way to combine operations in order to maximize profits and market share
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Santiago, Chile
Conduct an industry and regulations analysis and provide recommendations for how to accelerate the growth of mid-size PV projects in the commercial and industrial segments.
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San Francisco, CA
Conduct a comprehensive analysis of new potential products for Advanced Microgrid Solutions, formulating go-to-market strategies for each product in new, key markets.
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Sunnyvale, CA
Create a strategy and framework to decrease cost inefficiencies associated with payments.
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Auburn Hills, MI;South Bend, IN
Analyze new growth opportunities in adjacent commercial markets that would leverage AM General's specialized military vehicle core competencies and expand their footprint through strategic...
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Developing a strategic plan to convert the U.S. liquor/spirits market that is currently utilized on-premise in restaurants and bars from glass to plastic.
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