Our PhD program in marketing is rigorous yet heterogeneous and flexible in both the range of possible research topics and the coursework.

With the school emphasis on interdisciplinary research, the department consists of faculty with diverse research interests including Bayesian statistical modeling, empirical industrial organization/structural modeling, brand building, judgment and decision making, social influence and identity, consumer and cultural neuroscience and sensory marketing.

In addition to taking rigorous courses in the first two years, students will start working closely with faculty on research projects upon entering the PhD program. The students will find that their program of study is strengthened even further by close interaction with faculty from other units of the University, such as the Psychology, Economics, and Statistics Departments, who offer courses aimed at improving research skills and often serve as advisors and dissertation committee members for Marketing students. Our goal is to develop students who will become marketing research scholars at top-tier business schools, where they will continue to conduct research that makes meaningful contributions to the field of marketing.


Marketing PhD Program Recent Accomplishments

Selected Journal Publications

O’Brien, Ed, and Hagen, Linda (2013), “The Thrill of (Absolute) Victory: Success among Many Enhances Emotional Payoff,” Emotion, 13(3), 366‐7.

Zhang, Y. Charles and Norbert Schwarz (2013), "The Power of Precise Numbers: A Conversational Logic Analysis", Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 49(5), 944‐946.

Carpenter, Stephanie M., Ellen Peters, Alice M. Isen, and Daniel Västfjäll (2012), “Positive Feelings Facilitate Working Memory and Complex Decision Making among Older Adults,” Cognition and Emotion , 27, 184‐192.

Mourey, James A., Daphna Oyserman and Carolyn Yoon (in press), “One without the Other: Seeing Relationships in Everyday Objects, ” Psychological Science.

Smith, Robert, David Faro, and Katherine Burson (in press), “More for the Many: the Influence of Entitativity on Charitable Giving,” Journal of Consumer Research.

Smith, Robert and Norbert Schwarz (in press), “When Promoting a Charity Can Hurt Charitable Giving: A Metacognitive Analysis,” Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Zhang, Y. Charles and Norbert Schwarz (2011), "How One Year Differs from 365 Days: A Conversational Logic Analysis of Inferences from the Granularity of Quantitative Expressions," Journal of Consumer Research , 39(2), 248‐259.

Professional-Level Award, Fellowships, Honors and Grants

Olson, Jennifer: Russell Sage Foundation, Small Grants Program in Behavioral Economics, 2012

Pattabhiramaiah, Adithya: Best Discussant Award, Haring Symposium, Indian University, 2012

Zhang, Charles: Best Paper Award, Haring Symposium, Indiana University, 2012

Olson, Jennifer: Best Working Paper Award, Association for Consumer Research North American Conference, 2011

Packard, Grant: Best Competitive Paper Winner, Society for Consumer Psychology Conference, 2011

Mourey, James A.: Dissertation Proposal Competition Winner, Society for Consumer Psychology Conference, 2010


University or School-Level Award, Fellowships and Honors

Carpenter, Stephanie: Spivy Award for Academic Excellence, 2013

Kang, Christine: Neary Award for Academic Excellence, 2012

Olson, Jenny: Gladys D. and Walter R. Stark Graduate Scholarship and Fellowship for Academic Excellence, 2012

Pattabhiramaiah, Adithya: Neary Award for Academic Excellence, 2012

Stornelli, Jason: Neary Award for Academic Excellence, 2012

Zhang, Charles: Neary Award for Academic Excellence, 2011

Smith, Robert: Stark Award for Academic Excellence, 2010

Mourey, James A: Rackham Pre‐doctoral Fellowship, 2010

Mourey, James A: Gerald and Lillian Dykstra Fellowship for Teaching Excellence, 2009


  • Professor of Marketing
Carolyn Yoon's research interests are in consumer neuroscience, decision neuroscience, cultural neuroscience, cognitive aging in consumer contexts,...

Our Students

Current Students

Geun Hae Ahn

Rebecca Chae
Hayoung Cheon
Jang Won Choi

Tim Phillipp Doering
Tong Guo
Prashant Rajaram
Steve Shaw
Yeonjin Sung
Longxiu Tian
Dana Turjeman
Tiffany Vu
Xu Zhang

Recent Marketing PhD Graduates

2016 Palazzolo, Michael UC Davis
2016 Hagen, Anna Linda  USC
2016 Cho, Jihoon UTS Sydney
2015 Carpenter, Stephanie​ University of Wisconsin
2015 Kang, Christine California State University, Long Beach
2015 Olson, Jenny G. Indiana University
2015 Stornelli, Jason Oregon State University
2014 Pattabhiramaiah, Adithya Georgia Tech
2014 de Castro Sebastiao Pereira, Beatriz Iowa State University
2014 Witmer, Megan Facebook


Lee, Kee Yeun

Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Mourey, James A.

DePaul University


Park, Hee Mok

University of Connecticut


Smith, Robert

Ohio State University

2013 Zhang, Charles UC Riverside


Atakan, Sinem 

Ozyegin University, Istanbul, Turkey


Elder, Ryan 

Brigham Young University


Onishi, Hiroshi 

Dentsu Inc., Japan


McDonnell Feit, Eleanor

The Modeler's LLC


Teixeira, Thales S. 

Harvard University