Our PhD program in marketing is rigorous yet heterogeneous and flexible in both the range of possible research topics and the coursework.

With the school emphasis on interdisciplinary research, the department consists of faculty with diverse research interests including Bayesian statistical modeling, empirical industrial organization/structural modeling, brand building, judgment and decision making, social influence and identity, consumer and cultural neuroscience and sensory marketing.

In addition to taking rigorous courses in the first two years, students will start working closely with faculty on research projects upon entering the PhD program. The students will find that their program of study is strengthened even further by close interaction with faculty from other units of the University, such as the Psychology, Economics, and Statistics Departments, who offer courses aimed at improving research skills and often serve as advisors and dissertation committee members for Marketing students. Our goal is to develop students who will become marketing research scholars at top-tier business schools, where they will continue to conduct research that makes meaningful contributions to the field of marketing.


Faculty-Student Research Collaborations

Faculty-Student Research Collaborations

The following is a list of representative publications and working papers authored by current and recent Ph.D. students and Marketing faculty. Current and recent students are highlighted in bold.

Rajaram, Prashant, Puneet Manchanda, and Eric Schwartz (2019), "Finding the Sweet Spot: Ad Scheduling on Streaming Media." Working Paper. 

Chae, Rebecca and Carolyn Yoon (2018), “Persuasiveness of Descriptive Norms: The Role of Culture and Decision Context.” Working Paper. 

Cho, Jihoon, Anocha Aribarg, and Puneet Manchanda (2017), "The Value of Measuring Customer Satisfaction." Working Paper. 

Esteky, Sina, Jean Wineman, and David Wooten (2018), "The Influence of Physical Elevation in Buildings on Risk Preferences: Evidence from a Pilot and Four Field Studies," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 28, 487-494. 

Guo, Tong, S. Sriram, and Puneet Manchanda (2017), "The Effect of Information Disclosure on Industry Payments to Physicians." Working Paper. 

Hagen, Linda, Aradhna Krishna, and Brent McFerran (2017), "Rejecting Responsibility: Low Physical Involvement in Obtaining Food Promotes Unhealthy Eating," Journal of Marketing Research, 54, 589-604.

Kim, Eunsoo, Anocha Aribarg, and Natasha Zhang Foutz (2018), "How Shared Consumption Enhances Experiences." Working Paper. 

Palazzolo, Mike and Yesim Orhun (2018), "Frugality is Hard to Afford," Journal of Marketing Research. 

Shaw, Steve and Rick Bagozzi (2018), "The Neuropsychology of Consumer Behavior and Marketing," Consumer Psychology Review, 1, 22-40. 

Tian, Longxiu and Fred Feinberg (2018), "Menu Pricing for Freemium Services: Selectivity Analysis of an Online Field Experiment." Working Paper. 

Vu, Tiffany and Scott Rick (2018), "Large Steps Toward Small Donations: Reputational Benefits of Nominal Corporate Generosity." Working Paper. 

Zhang, Xu, Puneet Manchanda, and Junhong Chu (2017), “Meet Me Halfway: The Value of Bargaining.” Working Paper.


  • Associate Professor of Marketing
Scott Rick is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business. Rick received his PhD in Behavioral...

Our Students

Current Students

Gwen Geunhae Ahn
Bruno Castelo Branco
Hayoung Cheon
Jangwon Choi
Varad Vivek Deolankar
Gheremey Delan Edwards
Aishwarya Joshi
Anjali Lai
Yiqi Li
Yu Song
Yeonjin Sung
Celeste Yi

Recent Marketing PhD Graduates

Year Name Current Affiliation
2022 Tim Döring Maastricht University
2021 Prashant Rajaram Ivey Business School, Western University
2021 Steve Shaw University of Pennsylvania
2021 Dana Turjeman Arison School of Business, Reichman University
2020 Rebecca Chae Santa Clara University
2019  Longxiu Tian  University of North Carolina
2019  Tiffany Vu Saint Mary's University
2018 Tong Guo Duke
2018 Xu Zhang London Business School
2017 Eunsoo Kim Nanyang Technological University
2017 Sina Esteky Miami University
2016 Mike Palazzolo UC Davis
2016 Linda Hagen USC
2016 Jihoon Cho Kansas State
2015 Jenny Olson Indiana University
2015 Stephanie Carpenter University of Michigan (ISR)
2015 Christine Kang Cal State Long Beach


Jason Stornelli

Oregon State


Adithya Pattabhiramaiah

Georgia Tech


Beatriz Pereira

Iowa State


Megan Witmer

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

2013 Kee Yeun Lee Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Jim Mourey

DePaul University


Hee Mok Park

University of Connecticut


Rob Smith

Tilburg University


Charles Zhang

UC Riverside

2012 Grant Packard York University


Sinem Atakan

Siena College


Ryan Elder

Brigham Young University


Hiroshi Onishi

Tokyo University of Science